The Density Media Brick & Mortar PDF Guarantee

If you buy a physical book of ours from a real, brick & mortar store at full price, we’ll give you the PDF. Period.

It’s as simple as that. We want to support local gaming stores the best we can, and we don’t want our fans to feel they have to choose between loving us (by buying a Print+PDF bundle at IPR) or loving their local game store. Why not get both?

With the Density Media PDF Guarantee, you don’t have to choose!  But we WILL need you to confirm that you’ve purchased the book.  Drop us a line (or have your FLGS do it!) at and show us your proof of purchase.  Scanned purchase receipts are the best way to do this, but we’ll take the word of your FLGS as equivalent.  And while you’re at it, tell us where you bought the book, and let them know you appreciated choosing not to decide and that Density Media PDF Guarantee made the choice!

We are also a part of the Bits & Mortar publisher coalition. Head on over to that site and find out who else offers free PDFs together with the books you buy from your FLGS!

PreppiePunk Character Sheet.

Bring That Beat Back Character Sheet, Landscape Format.

Bring That Beat Back Character Sheet with Space to list 10 Albums.

Strong Island: Break City Intro Adventure.

NMSS CharacterSheet.

Fishscale Character Sheet.