Zine Games?

From the earliest days of RPGs, games as zines have been present, from Judges Guild to Alarums & Excursions. Early versions of the world’s most famous RPG had production values surpassed by zines from the heyday of I Hate Brenda and Crank. On January 20, 2017, Preppiepunk: Coronation Edition was released, and Density Media became…

I Remember When All This Was Trees

Cost: $5 You’ve always felt…you’ve always known that you were different. Not entirely of this realm. Now, you can confirm it, and strengthen your ties to this other realm.  This collection of instructions, suggestions, poems and writings will immerse you and allow you magick to reconnect with your true form. In the forest, in the…

Let’s Make A Mary Sue!

Cost: $5 Growing up, my friends and I inserted ourselves into our favorite stories. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Redwall…we had our own original characters for all of these properties, and so many more. Characters we put time, energy, love, and thought into creating. Characters that meant a lot to us, because they were…

Clan of Two (Free RPG Day)

As part of the Level 1 Free RPG Day Anthology by Renegade Studios, Clan of Two is a two-person storytelling game that uses the I-Ching (and a simplified mechanic) to drive the story. We plan to release our own print version.

Urban Manhunt: Family Fun Night

Cost: PWYW (All proceeds go to a local no-kill animal shelter if interested, use the contact form). Intended to be a cereal giveaway, in collaboration with Spectrum Games, this quickplay zine will you the whole family eliminating crims at the kitchen table.

Drive-Ins and DJs

Cost: PYWY (proceeds donated to charity, $15 suggested for the bundle) Drive-Ins and DJs is about one person sharing an album with friends. There was a time when listening to albums and the radio was a social activity. Recapture that, by dedicating yourself to spend 90 minutes with friends.

Modern Masters

Cost: PYWY (proceeds donated to charity, $15 suggested for the bundle) Modern Masters is a game in that it is a structured activity, Gather friends and re-enact famous scripts from today’s modern masters.


Cost: $5 Description: Hi-Ho! is a single player LARP designed to bring more joy into the world. It was launched as a print-only product with purchasers able to send gift copies as well. If you are interested in a copy for yourself, or one to give, use our contact form.


Cost: $5 Description: Ekphrasis is a literary storytelling game. A game of stealing words from one story and making them your own. A game of surreal narratives. A two-player game of making art, physical and performance, interactive and permanent. Players sit down together, for about an hour, and repurpose words and texts, making them into…

Dance ‘Til Dawn Quickstart

Cost: FREE! Description: As part of Exalted Funeral‘s No Money, No Problem Free RPG promotion, you can pick up this DTD Quickstart. It isn’t the complete game, BUT does include 9 ready to run Scenarios with 30 song playlists. All you need to play will be some paper, this pdf, and a way to make…


Cost: $5 Description: Strings is designed for use in roleplaying games where death is a strong possibility for characters, and more to the point, where a potential return from the brink of death is a given. The basic idea of Strings stems from the fallibility of memory. It is also intentionally designed to bring more…