Dance ‘Til Dawn Quickstart

Cost: FREE! Description: As part of Exalted Funeral‘s No Money, No Problem Free RPG promotion, you can pick up this DTD Quickstart. It isn’t the complete game, BUT does include 9 ready to run Scenarios with 30 song playlists. All you need to play will be some paper, this pdf, and a way to make…


Cost: $5 Description: Strings is designed for use in roleplaying games where death is a strong possibility for characters, and more to the point, where a potential return from the brink of death is a given. The basic idea of Strings stems from the fallibility of memory. It is also intentionally designed to bring more…

Dance ‘Til Dawn: Mixtape

Cost: $6 Description: In Dance ‘Til Dawn, we are going to listen to music together with friends. The music will fill the air, and we will collaboratively tell a story. The story, like all good stories, has a beginning, and an end. The music not only inspires and moves our story, but serves as an integral…


Cost: $4.20 Description: Slingin’ rock between classes is your way of life, as you have your eyes on the Ivies. This is a semi-competitive game about the realities we craft for ourselves living a life of lies, doing what we have to do to survive.

Nice Monsters & Scary Sprites

Cost: $6 Description: A roleplaying game about the childhood friends who taught us how to be brave. Don’t call these friends imaginary, they are very, very real.

Bring The Beat Back

Cost: $6 Description: In a nation divided, you’re a DJ mashing up vinyl to bring people together. This is a violent game without violence, you’re like the Man With No Name, except armed with 12″ instead of six-shooters. In a world of darkness, be the light.

Strong Island

Cost: $6 Description: Roll the dice, and put it all on the line. Inspired by the street dice game c-lo, this ruleset is designed for games where every action puts you at risk, and you can ace out, or win big. Includes numerous settings inspired by films as diverse as The Warriors, Fast & Furious,…


Cost: $10 Description: High Life, Low Tech. Play a student at a prestigious prep school, learn how to Act Your Age. Cheat on an exam, shotgun a beer, and if your older brother can’t get you the hookup, learn the best way to make jenkem. If you’re not interested in the fluff (setting) of this…

Dance ‘Til Dawn

Cost: $10 Description: Dance ‘Til Dawn is a storytelling game. We are going to listen to music together. We are going to tell a story. This story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The music will serve not only as inspiration for our story, but is a core part of the game mechanics….

Zine Games?

From the earliest days of RPGs, games as zines have been present, from Judges Guild to Alarums & Excursions. Early versions of the world’s most famous RPG had production values surpassed by zines from the heyday of I Hate Brenda and Crank. On January 20, 2017, Preppiepunk: Coronation Edition was released, and Density Media became…